University of Toronto

The University of Toronto otherwise called as “U of T” or “Toronto” is a public university in the Toronto region of Ontario province in Canada. It was established in the year 1827 as King’s College. After working for a few years, the college attained its university status in the year 1850 and serving till date as “the University of Toronto” being one of the oldest institutions acting in Canada.

This university has been delivering its immaculate service for the students over all these years, close to 200 years of service in providing the best education for students and takes a prominent role for producing successful grads. Many governors-general and prime ministers of Canada have been graduated from the University of Toronto.


Reasons to Choose the University of Toronto

Here are a few reasons to choose the University of Toronto for your higher study in Canada!

  • Multicultural
  • Robarts Library
  • Northern Hollywood
  • Program Availability
  • City Life



Toronto is basically a multicultural city in the world that defines it’s the residence of people from different places and cultures. So, is the university of Toronto. You would meet, socialize and cope with different people with various interests and cultural diversity. You could also experience different cultures and people from different walks of life paths!


Robarts Library

You could find a giant, concrete library situated in the University of Toronto. It’s turkey-shaped and is stuffed with over 4.5 million books by which it becomes North America’s one of the top 3 libraries! Woahhh…


Northern Hollywood

Toronto is the northern Hollywood which is a centre for film making and studios. Many movies like resident evil, goodwill hunting were filmed at the University of Toronto. Also, the city is too fascinating for you to reside being a foreigner. You could find different interests and lifestyle in Toronto.


Program Availability

The University of Toronto has always been a favourite choice for international students because of the various programs offered in different streams. There are programs available at different levels of education. You could always choose an apt program from the U of T.


City Life

Toronto, as an international city, is full of nightlife, culture, opportunity, various foods and more to enjoy. You couldn’t find a better place with all the student needs. It’s ecstatic! Eh?


These are a few reasons to study at U of T. There are a lot more!

I hope this blog helped you in knowing something about the University of Toronto!


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