Technology is a boon to mankind which is witnessing its development day by day. Computer Science is the most popular and acknowledged area of study all around the world. The need for updated, qualified technologists is constantly ongoing because of the prospect of developing better and new innovative ways to use them. So, it’s essential to acquire technical knowledge at most if you’re one of the persons planning to set your career in the technology field.

Abroad institutions are always superior in providing a world-class education. If you’re interested to further your higher education, Canada remains the best study abroad destination to date. The country houses renowned institutions where you could get the most of the knowledge which you need. Some of the top universities in Canada for international students to study computer science are as follows;


University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is ranked among the top 25 universities in the world specialized in computer science and technology and acquires the first place in our list of universities to study computer science. The U of T has been the front runner in the field for the past 50 years. There has been a constant enrolment of international students in recent years and due to this, it is expected that by 2021, international students would make around 20 percent of the total student population.


University of British Columbia

The computer science department of UBC is one of the oldest and greatest, present in the country. UBC takes second place on our list. The computer science department here has its roots back in 1968. If you’re interested in studying computer science, it doesn’t get any better than UBC.


University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo takes third place on our list. It’s one of the best schools to study computer science with 70 plus courses and a prestigious faculty made up of more than 80 industry experts. The University supports co-op education with paid work experience in the curriculum. You could have better access to many local companies.


University of Montreal

Université de Montréal gets 4th place in our list because of it having a large faculty, multiple UG & PG degree options, and a flexible department of Computer Science and Operations. This is a French-language university and a member of U15, Canada’s top 15 research universities. This is one of the best places for you to study computer science and technology.


McGill University

McGill is credited as Canada’s one of the best universities, which vouches that the computer science department of the university is top-ranked. The school of computer science at McGill is the second topper in Canada for its research funding contribution. The university offers the students to choose from 10 programs in computer science along with the terms of paid work to attain hands-on job experience, thus being the best place for international students to pursue their computer studies.


I hope this blog helped you to make better plans with your computer science education in Canada.


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