Canada remains the best and the most desired study abroad destination for foreign students. It’s not only the best country to get an education. Yes, ‘The Great White North’ has more surprising facts that are still unknown to many. Here are some fascinating facts that you may not know about Canada.


The most educated country in the world

Canada records to be the most educated country in the world which is the reason for the country’s recognition of the importance of education quality. Over the proportion of 56% of adults in Canada hold a college degree which is the highest of all the developed nations.


Santa Claus’s House Address is in Canada

Haha! Yeah… Santa Claus’s origin is Canada since the country extends through the north pole. Then Santa influenced Greek, British and Dutch too… Quite exciting, eh!


Canada – The world’s maple syrup producer

The most surprising fact is that the maple syrup has become the Canadian stereotype. The country has so much of it. You know, in reality, the Quebec province of Canada alone produces 70 percent of the world’s maple syrup extracted.


The country has less gravity than elsewhere in the world

The average resident weighs one-tenth of an ounce less in the Hudson Bay region of Canada than anywhere in the world. This is because, years back, in the last ice age, Canada was covered by a giant glacier and when the ice melted the earth slowly sprung.

After all these years Hudson Bay, however, is still deformed and has less mass, meaning it has less gravity and if you stepped your foot here, you’ll weigh a bit less from your actual weight.


20% of the population is foreign-born

Canada’s openness to immigration and welcoming nature paved the way for people with different cultures to unite together and settle in Canada. The country is an internationally recognized multicultural nation. Almost 7 million Canadians were noted to be born in a foreign country. Most of the foreign-born population is found in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec.


I hope you enjoyed this blog and discovered a few unknown facts about the great white north.

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