Top Scholarship in Canada for Non-Canadians

Top Scholarship in Canada for Non-Canadians

Various scholarship in Canada supports deserving overseas students in all disciplines and postsecondary education levels. Some awards are also extended to professionals to contribute to the research studies in Canada.

There are several scholarships in Canada on offer through the following sources:

  • Government and non-government organizations in your home country
  • Your chosen institution in Canada 
  • Private charity organizations 


Scholarship in Canada for Indian Students

Choose Canada as your study or research destination and explore the numerous scholarship in Canada to support the deserving and talented overseas individual like yourself. 

Students & Post-doctoral researchers Faculty & researchers Provincial awards
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) Ontario Trillium Scholarships Program 
Trudeau Research Fellowship Research Associate Program Canada Bureau for International Education
Trudeau Doctoral Scholarships CIHR Fellowship
Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship IDRC Research Awards
Sauve Scholars Program Canada Gairdner International Awards


Eligibility criteria vary across scholarship in Canada. In order to determine your eligibility to apply for a specific scholarship, fill-up this free assessment form here

Scholarship in Canada for Non-Canadians

International Undergraduate Scholarship in Canada International Graduate Scholarship in Canada
University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships
Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders  University of Waterloo Master’s Awards of Excellence
Humber College International Entrance Scholarships Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships
Carleton University Entrance Scholarships for International Students  University of Calgary Graduate Awards
York University International Students Scholarship Program

How to apply for a scholarship in Canada?

After identifying the suitable scholarship in Canada, review its application guidelines in detail to ensure that the competition is open and that you meet its eligibility requirements.

Ensure that the supporting documents such as the statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, etc. are ready before you apply for a particular scholarship in Canada. However, for certain scholarship in Canada, it becomes the responsibility of the host institution to apply on your behalf. Hence make sure to contact the person of your interest in the concerned institution.

Language requirements to apply for a scholarship in Canada

Language requirements become essential when you are applying for a scholarship in Canada as Canada is a bilingual country. Here all the programs in universities, colleges, and other Canadian institutions are taught in English, French or both languages. 

However, language requirements vary from one scholarship in Canada to another. Therefore, it is advised to first identify the suitable scholarship in Canada, review the guidelines and note the language requirement to fulfill. Furthermore, contact a Canada education consultant to find a better scholarship in Canada based on your academic profile. 

Evaluating criteria for any scholarship in Canada

You will be tested on three basic pillars in order to determine your eligibility to secure a scholarship in Canada for higher studies. They are: 

  • Academic excellence: Your past academic record such as academic results, transcripts, awards, distinction, other scholarships secured are analyzed thoroughly to check your eligibility for a future scholarship in Canada.  
  • Research potential: You may be evaluated on your interest in research, the proposed research and its potential to advance knowledge of the field and its expected outcomes. Your past experience in any research will give an edge over your competitors for that scholarship in Canada.


What else could give you extra recognition for that scholarship in Canada? Your statement of purpose may give insights to your characteristics such as critical thinking, application of knowledge, judgment, originality, enthusiasm for research. However, a strong reference must validate the same. Any teamwork or mentoring exercise is worth a mention. 

  • Leadership skills: It tests you on your demonstrated and potential leadership ability. Your personal achievement, involvement in academic life, experience as a volunteer could be given a glimpse of your leadership abilities.  


How applying through a Canada education consultant helps you?

  • Help you build an impressive academic profile
  • Gives valuable insights into the statement of purpose, letter of recommendation and other important submissions that will get you closer to getting a scholarship in Canada. 
  • Ensure timely submission to avoid delay or rejection of your scholarship application
  • Helps you with entire Canada study permit process
  • Updates you with regular news and updates on scholarship in Canada, Canada immigration, etc.