It’s a strong desire for all students to study in a foreign country and experience world-class education and multicultural practice. Abroad education is the main factor for raising the quality of life and education. It makes a huge impact on the life of the students, fostering their professional abilities, honing their personal skills and making way for more positive prospects!

Canada demands a study permit and student visa for an international student to study there. The country houses more renowned and eminent universities and colleges there. The applicant should meet the norms for obtaining a student visa and study permit in Canada. The actual conflict arises when the visa or study permit gets rejected.

It’s actually more of a train wrecking situation when the student visa or study permit gets rejected. Here are the reasons and remedies for your student visa rejection. Just take a look!


  • Financial Stability Certificate (GIC)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Linear Academic Pathway
  • Letter of Acceptance


GIC – Guaranteed Investment Certificate

Guaranteed Investment Certificate asserts that you are financially stable during the period of study. It vouches that you could manage your living and medical expenses and could handle the emergency situations if any. If your financial stability is not properly explained, then there are chances that your study visa gets rejected.


Statement of Purpose (SOP)

In the Statement of Purpose (SOP). It should be clearly specified that your intention to visit the country is only for studying and you would return to the home country once when you’re education is completed. If this is not properly stated, then there arises the conflict of visa rejection.


Linear Academic Pathway

Canadian government officers expect you to have a linear academic pathway that the program you chose to study must be relevant to that of your previous academic qualification. Even if your program is slightly irrelevant, you should propose the ideology which is in a way that the course you chose would be useful to the previous academic qualification. Make sure you state it properly.


Letter of Acceptance

Letter of Acceptance shows that you’ve been officially accepted by the college or university from Canada. The institution should be authentic, and the LOA should be from a designated Canadian institution by the government of Canada.

By concentrating on the above-mentioned constraints and making sure that you’ve perfectly arranged all those documents, you could avoid your visa getting rejected. If the visa is rejected the finest way is to reapply!

I hope this blog helped you to know some important points to avoid visa rejection.

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