Part-time jobs in Canada

Part-time jobs in Canada for international students under the Canada study permit may fetch them both on-campus as well as off-campus work opportunities. While on-campus jobs include Research/Teaching Assistant, Librarian, working in university-associated hospital or research-facility, working in a student organization, off-campus jobs range from working at a cafeteria to a web-designer for small businesses.

Paid part-time jobs in Canada for international students are only for a maximum of 20 hours/week. This limit is applicable only to off-campus jobs in Canada. The universities recommend international students enrolled for intensive study courses to work for a maximum of 12 hours a week so as to not affect their performance in studies. However, you can always reduce the number of working hours to maintain a proper work-study-life balance. 

On-campus part-time jobs in Canada for International students

There are a good number of part-time jobs in Canada for international students. In order to realize the work opportunities, your study permit must list a condition mentioning that you are allowed to work on-campus. 

The on-campus part-time jobs in Canada for international students allow your school, a faculty member or a student organization to be your employer. You can also run a business that is physically located inside the campus of your school. 

Off-campus part-time jobs in Canada for international students

Off-campus part-time jobs in Canada for international students are available to only those whose study permit lists a condition mentioning that they are allowed to work off-campus. The off-campus part-time jobs in Canada for international students are valid only if your study program is at least 6 months of duration and it leads to a degree, diploma or certificate.

Additionally, Canada does not allow international students to work off-campus if you are enrolled in English or French as a second language (ESL/FSL) program or taking a general interest course. 

Interestingly, the students working on-campus or off-campus are eligible to get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to avail of the government benefits and services. 

However, you must stop working on-campus or off-campus –

  • When your course duration is completed or when your study permit expires
  • You are shifting schools and currently not studying 
  • You are on authorized leave from your studies


Find your suitable part-time job in Canada 

Usually, on-campus jobs are openly advertised on bulletin boards of all colleges and universities. There are also several other websites carrying information about similar job openings. 

International students can also prefer to work in cafes, restaurants or in retail stores as a salesperson, or choose to be a lifeguard or swimming instructor at a college swimming pool, etc. Canada is a multicultural society and the services of a translator are always in demand. Furthermore, visit a job search portal to find suitable part-time jobs in Canada for international students.   

If you are unable to maintain your work-study balance, you can opt for co-op programs in Canada. A Co-op education in Canada, or Co-operative education, is an academic program that requires compulsory and relevant work experience during the course of study. It is designed in such a way that the study course is alternated with work experience in the following term/semester. 

Study and work in Canada allows an excellent opportunity to boost your Express Entry profile score if settling in Canada on a Permanent Residence (PR) visa is your ultimate plan. Consult an ICCRC certified Canada immigration consultant to know about your eligibility and chances of securing a Canada PR visa today!