Canadian institutions are providing mental health instructor courses for the education of international students. Study the course in renowned institutions of Canada and become a mental health specialist or a deaddiction specialist.


Addiction, Mental Health & Behavioural Science

The state of mind with compulsive engagement making a person crave the rewarding stimuli without any considerations about the consequences is called addiction. It’s developed by the biological process of repeated exposure to an addictive stimulus, which seems very much pleasurable. The brain starts wanting something very badly, every now and then even though it’s hazardous.

Mental health represents the psychological well being and mental healthiness of any individual. Being mentally healthy means functioning at a satisfactory level of behavioural and emotional judgement. Mental health promotes physical resilience by achieving a balance between efforts and life activities.

Behavioural Science involves the observations and experiments of human behaviour to produce a valid conclusion. Humans and their behaviours are observed, matched and concluded to make decisions and models. This field incorporates the study in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Psychobiology, Anthropology and more.

This program explains to you about the philosophies and science involved in mental health and addiction. The gimmicks involved in recovery and deaddiction process for any individual. You get exposed to a lot of mental treatments dealt with addiction and mental health. This is a research-based course which would help you acquire the knowledge of treatment strategy and hands-on field experience.

There are more career pathways for a mental health specialist. You could work as a/an;

  • Marriage and Family counsellor
  • Psychiatric Nurse
  • Clinical Psychiatrist
  • Substance abuse counsellor
  • Clinical or Counselling Psychologist
  • Addiction Researcher
  • Behavioural Data Analyst
  • Consumer Behavioural Analyst


I hope this blog would help you to become a health instructor, changing peoples’ lives!

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