Jobs in demand in Canada for immigration

Jobs in demand in Canada for immigration are plenty and you must look for a job that provides you with good money, job stability. For international students, it becomes absolutely necessary that such criteria make a strong case for themselves to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. 

The report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) confirms huge number of jobs in demand in Canada for immigration. Eligible immigrants usually find job opportunities in Canada with rated skill type 0 (managerial), skill level A (professional), skilled level B (technician) under Canada’s National Occupation Classification (NOC). 

Here are the most popular jobs in demand in Canada for immigration 

Registered Nurses Sales Associate
Software Engineer & Designer Financial Analysts
Project Managers Psychologists & Counselors

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  • Registered Nurses – Canada’s aging population, retiring population and lack of qualified medical practitioners have made Registered Nurses as one of the highly sought after jobs in demand in Canada for immigration. Several provinces in Canada have come out with their own Nursing Strategy for upcoming years to increase the intake of foreign Registered Nurses. 


  • A Registered Nurse will often take the position of primary caregiver. Therefore, registered nurses as one of the jobs in demand in Canada for immigration will attract foreign workers to every province in the country. You can consider Contract Nursing with international and traveling positions if you are looking for more flexibility.  


  • Software Engineer & Designer – NOC code 2173- Software Engineer & Designer has been the most sought after jobs in demand in Canada for immigration in the recent past. Quite evidently, this sector boosts huge demand for foreign skilled professionals, recent graduates to take up job positions in leading companies. 

Cities like Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal, Vancouver hold tremendous potential for the growth of this sector. The ever-increasing demand is set to continue for the next 5 years and overseas workers stand a good chance to immigrate to Canada in search of jobs in game developing, software designing, artificial intelligence, etc.  

  • Project Managers – Project Managers shall always be one of the jobs in demand in Canada for immigration as the country is increasing its economic production year-on-year. The shortage of skilled workers in the service, construction, transport, manufacturing sectors shall always keep the position of Project Managers relevant and lucrative.  

Project managers usually require a degree in business management and good amount of work experience in any sector. However, fresh business graduates from Canadian universities or colleges are given preference due to an evolving global marketplace. 

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  • Sales Representative – As the number of businesses in Canada is growing steadily, the demand for sales representatives will eventually rise. This is one of the most sought-after jobs in demand in Canada for immigration. Usually, recent graduates with excellent communication skills stand a good chance to grab the work opportunity as a reputed sales representative. 


  • Financial Analysts – Being an international student in Canada, searching for opportunities in this sector becomes even more attractive as inherent knowledge of the foreign language as well as foreign economy gives an edge over the locals.   


  • Psychologists & Counselors – Currently, the aging demography, makes psychologists, counselors even more relevant. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada estimates that in the next five years, this sector will have more jobs in demand in Canada for immigration as the wages are increasing at a faster rate each year. 


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