Canada is topping the list of favourite study abroad destinations of international students. There are many reasons for the country being preferred by immigrants and international students. Few include multicultural practice, high living standards at low cost, world-class education, openness to immigration, a vast land area with forests and skyscrapers and more…

One of the major reasons and advantages for Canada being the favourite abroad study destination for international students is the stay back period offered by the country! An international student could stay back in Canada for a few years (depending upon the duration of course) after his/her course completion.

During this stay back period, the candidate could work in the related field and gain proper fieldwork experience. There are ample job opportunities for international students who graduate from Canadian Institutes. So, the stay back period is one of the finest reasons you should consider if you choose Canada as your study abroad destination.

Let us discuss the stay back periods offered by the Canadian government for international students!

  • International students get to stay back period depending upon the duration of their course.
  • A student studying a 2- or 3-year college diploma or advanced diploma would get a stay back up to 3 years after the course completion and graduation.
  • Those who choose a one-year college certificate program would retain a stay back up to a year.
  • Students undergoing bachelors (3 or 4 years) program could stay back up to 3 years max.
  • Masters candidates would be able to stay up to 2 years after the completion of the course.

The stay back period is a maximum of 3 years for international students those who plan their study in Canada. During the stay back, students could get a lucrative job through campus placements or by themselves. Working for 2 to 3 years makes them eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Hope this blog helped you in acquiring some information about the stay back period in Canada after study, for international students…

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