If you are planning to do abroad education, Canada is the best place to choose which provides more long-term benefits. It delivers world-class education at affordable cost, offers diversified courses, provides globally acknowledged degree, well-banked jobs and much more…

Even though the country is more student-friendly, there are certain difficulties and problems faced by international students after getting there. It’s not so demanding and can be overcome by the students easily. Some of the challenges include;

  • Language Barrier
  • Cultural Difference
  • Homesickness
  • Adaptability to Food


Language Barrier

This is one of the common challenges faced by international students those who plan to study in Canada. Since the country is bilingual (English & French Speaking) it would be quite difficult to cope with the language and dialects. But on regular socialisation, this is can be broken down.  


Cultural Difference

Canada is a multicultural country. Different cultures are followed, and it would be quite weird for international students being to Canada for the first time. But then you start to enjoy and experience it in a different aspect as the days pass.



This is so common among international students (not, if you are a wanderlust). People start missing their home and the familiar ambience in which they were living. A sudden relocation to a new city would make ‘em miss their home. It takes time to understand and acknowledge this transition in life. Getting used to the new city and life will help the students overcome homesickness.


Adaptability to Food

Exactly! The food, foremost consideration. People don’t easily go with a different diet practice just in a flick. This too takes time. Food is not a problem if you’re a foodie, often craving something. But if you are used to the native food practice, it’s difficult to get adapted to the food in the new city. Not so problematic, but yeah, it’s included.


I hope this blog would help you with some means!

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