Film Making

The collective processes involved in creating a film is called film making. It’s defined as the work intended to create films for commercial and theatrical exhibition. Film making is a huge process which comprises of more works segmented and threaded to form a complete lengthy film. It all begins with one line, the plot in which the story travels. Story discussion, synopsis writing, screenplay writing, casting. Then the crew hits the floors to shoot followed by pre-production, editing, sound engineering and finally projecting.


Television Production

TV production involves looking after the production and funding of the shows. Preparing production plans, drawing budgets, hiring directors, cinematographers, screenwriters and other techies who are needed to extract the output of the film. The film producer oversees and approves the script by evaluating the quality that if it would reach among the audience. The producer mainly looks after the pre-production, production and post-production work in the film making process.

By studying this course, you would get exposed to various departments and aspects of film making like storyboard creation, screenplay analysis and screenplay writing, cinematography, budget preparation, shot list creation, sound engineering and sound capturing.

In the vast oceanic field of filmmaking, you could work as,

  • Editor
  • Cinematographer
  • Screen Writer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Production Designer
  • Director
  • Art Director and more…


After completing the film making and television production study in Canada!


I hope you would have gathered a few pieces of knowledge about filmmaking and television production courses, with this blog…


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