Canada is the best study abroad destination and is also remaining as the favourite one for international students who are willing to study abroad. There are many reasons for Canada being the favourite and best study abroad destination for international students like the world-class education, presence of oldest and renowned educational institutions in the world, peculiar education system, granting globally acknowledged degrees to the students, providing more courses in different domains, ample job opportunities after the graduation and much more…

Apart from all these, there are few more reasons for Canada being the favourite and best study abroad destination for international. The cost of education is comparatively lesser than any other countries. You get a world-class quality of education in an optimal educational expense.

Another is, Canada wants and encourages students and young talents. So, it’s easy to obtain a student visa in Canada than getting it in other foreign countries. Also, there are stay back periods for international students after completing the course.


Let us discuss a few documents which are mandatory to grab a Canadian student visa

  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
  • Proofs of Identity
  • Proof of financial support (GIC)
  • Letter of Explanation (LOE) 


Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

Letter of Acceptance is the printed copy of written statements from a Canadian educational institute for accepting your application (possibly, it will be sent by the college or university you applied for higher studies). This is one of important credential to document when applying for a Canadian student visa.


Proofs of Identity

Valid identity proofs of the applicant which should include passport size photos, name, date of birth and address. ID proofs are more essential for an applicant to apply for a Canadian student visa.


Proof of financial support (GIC)

This is proof that the applicant can support him/her in Canada in terms of the studying period. The certificate of designated amount deposited in the Canadian bank to look after your expenses should be produced while applying for Canadian student visa. This certificate is colloquially called a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).


Letter of Explanation (LOE)

As the name implies, Letter of explanation explains why are you applying for a Canadian Student Visa and the purpose of your study in Canada. Also, study visa provides liberty for an international to student to work part-time during the course of study in Canada.

So, if you are applying for a Canadian student visa, make sure you compile the above-mentioned documents!

I hope this blog would help by some means to get a Canadian study visa…

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