It’s time for kick starting your abroad study plans! When people initiate their abroad education plans, there are some common chaos clung to the mind. The differences between a College and a University. Is a University better than a College? Will it be expensive to study in a university than in a College? Will a College grant graduate certifications? And it goes on… These are the questions that arise in the minds and leave you chaotic. This blog explains the characteristics of a University and a College.


What’s a College?

The institution dealing with and offering undergraduate degrees, diplomas, certifications, 2 years degrees is called a College. Bachelor’s degree is offered mostly by the four-year colleges whereas 2 years degree is offered by community college and junior college. smaller classrooms closed knit, compact enclosure, etc… are some of the characteristics of a College.


What’s a University?

In contrast to a college, a university is an institution offering both under-gradate and post-graduate certificates. Universities provide graduate programs corresponding to a master’s degree or a PhD Universities have medical schools and law schools for students who wish to undergo a professional degree. Since a large number of students are enrolled in a university, there are different classes and programs offered than that of a college.

Unlike a College, a University has a large institution with larger classrooms, a vast environment, diversified culture and a greater number of students.



Some colleges also grant graduate certificates to the students based on its agenda and norms. Studying in a college no inferior to studying in a university. It’s just the level of education and program you choose that makes you think whether you should join a college or a university. And more importantly, a university may encapsulate the colleges based on the region and take control to provide a curriculum plan and degree-granting.

I hope this blog helped you in knowing the differences between college and a university!



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