Canada has always been the favourite study abroad destination for international students because of its favourable policies for international students and immigrants. Delivering world-class education is one of the national performance duties of Canada and the country is immensely carrying out the process over all these years and is still doing it!

There are best colleges and universities housed in Canada which is the reason why Canada has its valid place in the list of favourite study abroad destinations of international students. These institutions are acting for decades and have been creating successful and skilful grads and professionals all in the country.

Canada indubitably remains the best place for international students to further their education. Even though the country itself is a paradise for foreign students, there are few cities which are very student-friendly, which makes international students to completely feel comfortable. So, if you are a person planning to set up your education in Canada, then consider planning for your education and residence in the cities like

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa


Let us discuss a few about the above cities and their student-friendly nature! 


Montreal is one of the best-ranked cities in Canada which provides best quality education, high living standards, multicultural environment and a large mass of international student population. Montreal is one of the cities acting as the hub for top-ranked institutions. It is one of the best choices for you to choose Montreal to settle there for your study. The city keeps on evolving in terms of lifestyle, facilities and other common factors!



The busiest city of the country is one of the best cities providing an astonishing style of living, very clean roadways, superior transportation and environment. This is the city which witnesses economic growth, more job opportunities and is also the city which remains favourite for immigrants and international students. This is one of the best places to choose if you plan to study in Canada.



Vancouver is more like an entertaining city and less like a party town. It has night clubs, ski resorts, sports clubs and snow sports which would be a fascination for foreign students. Also, non-English speakers prefer this place since the city acknowledges other languages too!

This city provides biotechnology courses, software development programs, game designing and more because these industries are emerging in Vancouver! So, Vancouver remains one of the best places for you if you choose to study in Canada. 


Being the capital of the country, this city is economically developed with a long-term sustainable economy. Also, the city houses more renowned institutions with it. The city concentrates in health care, public services and administration as the major sectors of employment. You would definitely get a good living experience by residing here in this city!


Hope this blog helps you to choose your abroad residence better!

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